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Sketch #109

7 August 2009 Leave a comment

Series of older NDS-sketches on Color homebrew software. Haven’t got time to upload these until now since I don’t have SD-card reader in my own computer.

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Sketch #092

7 March 2009 Leave a comment

I’m not sure if this interprets the song Kirjeitä Paratiisista by CMX perfectly.. but it’s this feeling I got from these particular lines in the chorus:

Kaita polku paratiisiin kulkee läpi painajaisten
Hirviöitten, kummajaisten, kauppasaksavainolaisten

Narrow path to paradise runs through the nightmares.
Monsters, freaks, hounding hucksters

well.. that last word is bad translation.. “kauppasaksa” is very very old word meaning a travelling merchant.Vainolainen is old word too, it means some enemy faction which hounds and attacks the friendly faction. Soviets were “vainolainen” for Finland in WW2 in some “vainolais”-stories. Usually their evilness is greatly exaggerated in these stories. However, these words combined.. it doesn’t exist in Finnish language either so it’s pretty hard to translate. And huckster.. just sounded better than hawker and peddler and is equally old expression :D But hopefully you get the idea..

Kirjeitä paratiisista

Kirjeitä paratiisista

Sketch #082

20 February 2009 Leave a comment

I’ve been grabbing my morning coffee in Ylikiiminki’s only gas station café this past week. It’s just funny how there are always those same people sitting there, at least some of them, and they know everyone there. When you visit there daily it really makes you feel that everyone in this village of 3000 people know each other. There is this warm atmosphere, even though their stories are quite… hm.. hillbilly and stupid :D

I still prefer coffee shops in Rotuaari :P




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Sketch #075

1 February 2009 Leave a comment





Sketch #065

6 January 2009 Leave a comment

Theme: Precious Treasure.


Precious Treasure

Precious Treasure

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Sketch #059-061

1 January 2009 Leave a comment

Three themes: Night, Stars and Hold My Hand. 60 min photoshop speedpaints.






Hold my hand

Hold my hand

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Sketch #057

22 December 2008 2 comments

Theme: Flowers.

Something more complex today. This took few hours to finish. It would’ve been few hours less if there was less good company in MSN… :<

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