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Sketch #109

7 August 2009 Leave a comment

Series of older NDS-sketches on Color homebrew software. Haven’t got time to upload these until now since I don’t have SD-card reader in my own computer.

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This work by Juho Paaso-Rantala is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 1.0 Finland License.
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Sketch #057

22 December 2008 2 comments

Theme: Flowers.

Something more complex today. This took few hours to finish. It would’ve been few hours less if there was less good company in MSN… :<

Stock by 


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Sketch #048

13 December 2008 Leave a comment

Modern Hobitt dwelling. I’d like to live there 8)


Sketch #036

27 November 2008 Leave a comment

Theme: Mother Nature

Reference by Rivendell-PhotoStock at


Mother Nature

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Sketch #026

15 November 2008 Leave a comment

I’m in hurry, so just a little 15 min doodle today, about some zombie-story I made up today. Wanted to make a comic about it, but you know, I’m lazy when it comes to comics. Off to watch Godfather –>

Zombie moose

Zombie moose

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Sketch #016

5 November 2008 Leave a comment

I ended up chatting so much in msn that I almost forgot to draw anything. That’s why this turned out this simple and unimaginative. I’ll probably paint this scenery in photoshop tomorrow.

Snowy mist or misty snow

Snowy mist or misty snow

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Sketch #011

31 October 2008 Leave a comment

First snow, yay! I decided today to take a hike with our dog, Kiske. We walked some 4 kilometers in forest before it was to dark to see. It’s so hilarious when the puppy jumped all over snuffing everything, the walk overall made me feel really good. Love this proper first snow. Not some lousy mix of water and snow we had last year all the time. Tomorrow morning I’ll go hunting, it’s easy to find tracks now, and today I already saw two flocks of forest birds. Riekko.. whatever it be in english..

First snow

First snow

camera phones ftw!

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