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Sketch #067

11 January 2009 1 comment

I was watching the extended edition appendices of LOTR and got greatly inspired (once again..) by the amazing concept art by John Howe and Alan Lee. In particular these isometric and bird’s view sketches of Osgiliath and Riddermark. Obviously I cannot reach the same level of detail and harmony but still I wanted to try and start from the top corner, work my way down to the bottom and see what comes out from my brains. I used a little reference on the mountains, to see how they are formed. But still just a ‘stream of consciousness'(?) or smthng.. :P

Now post-mortem as I look these houses I notice that there are some factual errors in the architecture. All of them are quite medieval and that’s good. The church is clearly Norwegian, as are some of the peasant huts, while the lord’s manor is definitely English. And there are few log barns which I’m not sure if those have been seen outside Finland… oh well.. too lazy to correct anything.. anyways, this could be located anywhere around southern Scandinavia and western Europe. 


Medieval village

Medieval village