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Sketch #058

23 December 2008 Leave a comment

Theme: expectations. 

I’m little pissed off right now.. had some problems with my connection, browser, or java and I completely lost an oekaki. I suspect it’s the Chrome’s fault, I don’t quite a trust this thing yet.  Now it doesn’t render at all, even though every other browser works just fine. I say, this Chrome is cool, it’s fast and smooth, very minimalistic, that’s what I like. But. I’t a piece of motherf*****g s**t-eating c***sucking **********. Perkele. Doesn’t do java by default, lags when there’s too much flash, there isn’t “home”-button, and you actually have to add google to a bookmark, I somehow imagined there’d be a more intuitive way to get to the iGoogle in Google’s own browser. Hell, in FF I can add Google Reader and GMail plugin directly into UI. Why is there no integration like that in Google Chrome. 

Anyways I just wanted to test it for a while but seems I should not try to do anything relatively important like drawing with it. Oh, and it seems there’s already the expected google-free version out there, SRWare Iron. From what I saw it’s even much faster and java works great. Though I still don’t want to test oekaki with it..




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Sketch #050

15 December 2008 Leave a comment

Foreman by day, idiot by night. I was browsing through some classic vintage computer ads, and got inspired by those “ day, …by night” -video game ads. Check it out at

Nothing against foremen nor “kalsarikännit”(underwear drinking), more of self-irony than insulting.

Täyttä ohrapirtelöä

Täyttä ohrapirtelöä

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Sketch #045

9 December 2008 Leave a comment

Theme: Trouble Lurking



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Sketch #033

25 November 2008 Leave a comment


Fortitude. "Hey let's go grab few drinks at Onnela!"

Fortitude. "Hey let's go to Leskinen and grab a couple beers!"

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Sketch #017

6 November 2008 Leave a comment

Yeah, this is little crude, because I drew it in a bus and I didn’t really concentrate. I was also little tipsy at the moment.. couple of long drinks, which brought the inspiration too. :D


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Sketch #002

22 October 2008 Leave a comment

“Heyy thaare, I really like yaarr coat, looksh great. Wamme to hold it foaar ya.. relly hot in heere..  ; )”

Finnish guy in Irish Bar

Finnish guy in Irish Bar

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