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Sketch #096

Argh.. my blog is totally falling apart :D Whenever I have time I’m just too tired to draw anything. Except at work of course but can’t really showcase those… at least not yet…

Something art nouveau-ish. Mucha-inspired. Based on the song Vesilahden Veräjillä by Korpiklaani, which is based on a Narva folklore of Hunnun Herra and Kirmukarmu. Hunnun Herra was a christian missionary who was found from a lake in Vesilahti. Kirmukarmu was a local pagan chieftain kind of man.. a warlord perhaps. He didn’t like Hunnu’s preaching so he nailed him on a tree and told him to give up his faith if he wants to live. A certain woman helped Hunnu escape but Kirmukarmu eventually found him. Then he tore off Hunnu’s arms and legs and he bothered Vesilahti no more.
God I love these Finnish stories about Swedish Crusades :D

Hunnun Herra & Kirmukarmu

Hunnun Herra & Kirmukarmu

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