Sketch #092

I’m not sure if this interprets the song Kirjeitä Paratiisista by CMX perfectly.. but it’s this feeling I got from these particular lines in the chorus:

Kaita polku paratiisiin kulkee läpi painajaisten
Hirviöitten, kummajaisten, kauppasaksavainolaisten

Narrow path to paradise runs through the nightmares.
Monsters, freaks, hounding hucksters

well.. that last word is bad translation.. “kauppasaksa” is very very old word meaning a travelling merchant.Vainolainen is old word too, it means some enemy faction which hounds and attacks the friendly faction. Soviets were “vainolainen” for Finland in WW2 in some “vainolais”-stories. Usually their evilness is greatly exaggerated in these stories. However, these words combined.. it doesn’t exist in Finnish language either so it’s pretty hard to translate. And huckster.. just sounded better than hawker and peddler and is equally old expression :D But hopefully you get the idea..

Kirjeitä paratiisista

Kirjeitä paratiisista

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