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Sketch #053

From little misunderstanding with my friend yesterday, I got this idea of actually drawing me in 2070’s. I should do a little more in depth visualization of future some day, for the very reason that it is a  _difficult_ subject. This picture has many inaccuraties. This should be a shoreline of Oulu marketplace Torinranta and the theater but I guess the water level would be alot higher by then, because of the climate change. Also I doubt that you’re able to buy this thick tablet PCs anymore, even now MBAir is thinner.. but maybe I’ll just that it for nostalgy reasons. Technology is even more difficult to predict since the singularity might be approaching any time now.. and the rise of the machines of course :D
Me? I’d still grow a long hair and listen to CMX, why the hell not?

(note that I tagged this with “winter”)

Ja elämä jatkuu...

Ja elämä jatkuu...

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