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Sketch #022

Theme:Misfortune. It’s misfortune those two school shootings happened, but it’s also unfortunate that we’ve lately had this some kind of “mass-hysteria” regarding them. Seems you cannot publish images, nor videos of guns in the internet anymore. This is just ridicilous. Now they even arrested a boy who had a dream about school shooting. (Source in Finnish, Iltalehti, 10.11.2008)

True, some people are fucked up, but most people are behaving quite a normally with guns. I own two guns myself, and can’t remember killing anyone. Still some people want to make it illegal to own guns. Then I suggest we forbid driving a car too, since there are people out there who drive while drunk and make other people die. Oh and alcohol should be illegal too.

They also talk about expanding the already existing internet censorship to include violence and gun related sites. (bye bye 4chan, it was fun for a while :D) Welcome to China.

Let’s see if KRP’s Glorious Google-detectives come and knock my door if I add the word “school shooting” in tag line, oh and there are pointed guns in the picture too ;o




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